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Dandelion Massage and Health

Therapeutic relief through compassionate care

Danica Stys is the owner and operator of Dandelion Massage located in Coos Bay, Oregon. Danica has extended training in the Esalen Approach (Somatic Bodywork), Craniosacral Therapy, Sarga Bodywork (barefoot massage), and Thai Yoga Massage. Danica’s experience provides balancing wellness and therapeutic relief with kind and sensitive touch. Lic # 24521

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About Danica

Danica sees massage as a philosophy and an art that goes beyond simply technique. Whichever massage modality Danica utilizes, she most always works at a slow and rhythmic pace. The pace and rhythm are not arbitrary, but a tuning into what the body is needing. That also means no two massages will be the same because each body, each day, has new needs that are presented. This all requires a level of presence, making the massage a meditation, that is essential to having real change occur. 

Danica’s deep passion for massage and health started back in 2017, with her initial education in Massage Therapy in Colorado, and from there continued on to lead her to study at the Esalen Institute, with the Upledger Institute, with Sarga Bodywork, and going as far as Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her curiosity later led her to study holistic lifestyle change through the Hippocrates Health Institute and became a Certified Health Mentor.

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Service Overview

Somatic Bodywork. Craniosacral Therapy. Barefoot Massage. Thai Massage. Health Education. Doula Services.

Somatic Bodywork (The Esalen Approach)

Coming back to center.


Craniosacral Therapy

Finding the inner stillness


Barefoot (Sarga Bodywork)

Pressure that imparts change


Thai Massage

Be moved into openness


Health Mentoring

Listening to nature's advice.


Doula + Craniosacral Services

Craniosacral Therapy to create a smoother birth experience.

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The sky is a suspended blue ocean

the stars are the fish that swim.

The planets are the white whales,

I sometimes hitch a ride on,

And the sun and all light have forever fused themselves

 into my heart and upon my skin

there is only one rule on this wild playground,

for every sign I have ever seen reads the same.

They all say,

“Have fun, my dear;

my dear, have fun

in this divine,

wonderful game.”


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Contact Danica

Danica Stys License #24521

Juniper Ave. Coos Bay, OR 97420


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