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Dandelion Massage and Health

Therapeutic relief through compassionate care

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Massage Modalities

Which approach works best for you?

Somatic Bodywork (The Esalen Approach)

Coming Back to Center

Esalen Massage applies principles of mindfulness to bodywork, offering up a holistic body-mind-spirit experience on the massage table. This somatic massage modality particularly emphasizes loving and caring touch, aiming to emulate the nurturing touch of a mother. More attention is paid to emotional canters of the body like the heart and breast bone, the abdomen and the hips (applying a sensitive touch) rather than using deeper pressure for release. These tender areas can often be forgotten in massage but hold much of the key to the knowing of our deeper self.

Danica studied the Esalen Approach in Big Sur, CA at the Esalen Institute in 2019 (100 hour training and Esalen Certified), and later was hired on the massage crew. She was mentored in the practice while she worked there by an advanced practitioner where she learned to fully embody the practice and lifestyle herself.

Craniosacral Therapy

Finding Inner Stillness

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on method of enhancing the functioning of the craniosacral system (part of the nervous system), using a soft touch generally no greater than the weight of a nickel.  It is a truly holistic approach as it considers not only the health and function of our entire physical body, it considers the mental, emotional and spiritual health of the person. Please inquire about receiving an introductory session for a discounted rate.

Danica has been practicing the subtle art of connecting to the rhythm of the Craniosacral System since 2019, taking classes with the Upledger Institute such as Somato Emotional Release, Working with Chronic Depletion, CS for Pediatrics, and CS for Cranial Nerves to further enhance her skills (over 140 class hours). Danica follows the paradigm that the body can best heal itself through the least interference possible. This modality is particularly helpful for children or for those with sensitive nervous systems.

Barefoot (Sarga Bodywork)

Use of the Feet to Apply Deep, Connected Pressure

"Sarga Bodywork® is a barefoot massage method that employs the use of a fabric strap fastened to a massage table to deliver therapeutic myofascial and deep tissue techniques. This length of fabric is used by practitioners for stability and to add tensional and gravitational force to specific manual therapy methods. These methods, applied with the broad contact surfaces of the feet facilitate less restriction and more ease and relaxation in recipients’ bodies."

-Sarga Bodywork

Danica started studying with Sarga Bodywork since 2023 by taking Sarga 101 and Sarga Advanced Techniques (over 60 hours of class time). Deeper pressure can be delivered more comfortably and effectively due to the broad contact of the feet. Generally speaking, pressure given by the therapist’s feet is used on broad muscle groups, whereas detailed or sensitive areas are still worked on through traditional use of the therapist’s hands and forearms. If you're looking for a deep tissue massage, this is the modality to ask for.

Thai Massage

Body Opening by Increasing Range of Motion and Flexibility

Traditional Thai Massage is performed on a floor mat with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing (gym shorts, yoga pants, etc.).  The therapist passively moves the client's body through Yoga-like stretches with compressions to the tissues in a rhythmic fashion.  This movement based modality helps create openness in the body by allowing the therapist to move the client into greater flexibility while feeling held and nourished. 

Danica has studied traditional Thai massage (Naud-Bo-Rarn Massage) in Chiang Mai, Thailand (140 hours of in class training).

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Health Education

Certified Health Education and Mentoring

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Health and Lifestyle Mentoring

Based on the Principles of Nature

Danica is certified as a health and lifestyle mentor through the Hippocrates Health Institute (300+ hour certification) which looks to nature for the best health advice. Focusing on the 6 essential pillars of health, (clean air and water, nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management and balanced social interaction), Danica can help work with you to make positive change that is fully integrated into daily life. No change is immediate, and this holistic approach encourages gradual change from the inner person outward.


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Doula + Craniosacral Therapy

Using Craniosacral Therapy with Doula Advocacy to Aid in a Healthy Birth

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Doula Advocacy with Craniosacral Therapy

Danica is trained as a Birth and Postpartum Doula with DONA International (about 50 hours of in class training), and offers doula-adjacent services in conjunction with Craniosacral Therapy. Danica’s training as a doula can help empower mothers in their birthing experience and educate moms in alternative birthing suggestions that may make all the difference in the birthing experience. 

Being that Danica primarily is a Licensed Massage Therapist, she uses the training and sensitivity of Craniosacral to help prepare mom and baby for birth. Craniosacral has been shown to help ease the challenges of child birth by deeply relaxing the nervous system of both mom and baby. This all goes along with the paradigm that mom’s body knows best, and if given relaxing and opening circumstances, mom will know how to proceed when the time comes. This very gentle modality can help to prepare the pelvis bones to subtly open and the muscles of the pelvic floor to soften, as well as slightly orient baby in more ideal birthing positions. Though Craniosacral can have profound effects, the pressure used is never more than the weight of the therapists hand.

Danica does not offer in-hospital doula services but rather would assist moms before and after delivery to help prepare and recover from the stressors of birth. 

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